Animal confinement and use

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Streiffer, Robert and Killoren, David. (2019) Animal confinement and use. Canadian Journal of Philosophy. 49(1), pp. 1 - 21.
AuthorsStreiffer, Robert and Killoren, David

We distinguish two conceptions of confinement – the agential conception and the comparative conception – and show that the former is intimately related to use in a way that the latter is not. Specifically, in certain conditions, agential confinement constitutes use and creates a special relationship that makes neglect or abuse especially egregious. This allows us to develop and defend an account of one important way in which agential confinement can be morally wrong. We then discuss some of the account’s practical implications, including its usefulness for decision-making in real-world contexts in which animals are confined.

KeywordsAnimal ethics; animal captivity; animal confinement; animal use; special relationships
JournalCanadian Journal of Philosophy
Journal citation49 (1), pp. 1 - 21
PublisherTaylor & Frances
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Scopus EID2-s2.0-85055095726
Page range1 - 21
Research GroupDianoia Institute of Philosophy
Place of publicationUnited Kingdom
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