A review of the grief process and bereavement follow-up support


Tomlinson, Catherine Margaret. (2001) A review of the grief process and bereavement follow-up support [Thesis]. https://doi.org/10.4226/66/5a8e4a864b79f
AuthorsTomlinson, Catherine Margaret
Qualification nameMaster of Nursing (MNurs)

Grief is a life changing and universal experience, expressed through individual sets of responses and behaviours. Society and health workers' interpretation and beliefs regarding grief and bereavement have changed throughout the decades. This is a continually evolving process. As we move into a new century, so too does grief move into a new era where a new postmodern paradigm is arising. We are thus deviating away from stage theories that are time limited, linear and predictable. Emphasis in this new wave of thought is placed upon grief as an oscillating and highly unique experience, one that encourages a continuation of a bond and lifetime relationship with the deceased. This current qualitative study explores the new phenomenon in relation to both the grief process and bereavement support programs, by extensively reviewing the literature and analysing data from a number of interviews with the bereaved. Furthermore the supports offered by society, with particular focus on a Melbourne Community Bereavement Follow Up Program, are reviewed...

PublisherACU Research Bank
Digital Object Identifier (DOI)https://doi.org/10.4226/66/5a8e4a864b79f
Research GroupSchool of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine
Final version
Publication dates05 Jan 2001
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