Criminal procedure in Papua New Guinea


Griffin, John A. and Katter, Dominic H.. (2015) Criminal procedure in Papua New Guinea Lexis Nexis Butterworths.
AuthorsGriffin, John A. and Katter, Dominic H.

The wide-ranging content provides guidance on the Constitutional ‘framework’ under which the rules of procedure apply, the courts exercising criminal jurisdiction, prosecuting authorities, process, indictable offences dealt with summarily, summary procedure and committal proceedings. The criminal practice forms and offences in the Criminal Code are included as appendices. A detailed table of cases and an index are also provided.
This is a second edition to the significant 1977 first edition of this work by John Griffin QC. It has been fully revised and updated to include important developments in both case law and legislation in the intervening period.
Features: - Clear, authoritative analysis of relevant legislation and case law
- Fully revised and updated
- Includes criminal practice forms and statement of offences in the Criminal Code

Research GroupThomas More Law School
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PublisherLexis Nexis Butterworths
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