Ignorance implicatures and non-doxastic attitude verbs

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Blumberg, Kyle H. 2017. Ignorance implicatures and non-doxastic attitude verbs. A. Cremers, T. van Gessel and F. Roelofsen (ed.) 21st Amsterdam Colloquium, University of Amsterdam, Deccember 20-22, 2017. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Institute for Logic, Language, and Computation. pp. 135 - 144
AuthorsBlumberg, Kyle H.

This paper is about conjunctions and disjunctions in the scope of non-doxastic atti- tude verbs. These constructions generate a certain type of ignorance implicature. I argue that the best way to account for these implicatures is by appealing to a notion of contex- tual redundancy (Schlenker, 2008; Fox, 2008; Mayr and Romoli, 2016). This pragmatic approach to ignorance implicatures is contrasted with a semantic account of disjunctions under `wonder' that appeals to exhaustification (Roelofsen and Uegaki, 2016). I argue that exhaustification-based theories cannot handle embedded conjunctions, so a pragmatic account of ignorance implicatures is superior.

Keywordsimplicatures attitude verbs inquisitive semantics
PublisherInstitute for Logic, Language, and Computation
Web address (URL)https://hdl.handle.net/11245.1/12f840d2-c495-42fa-91be-deb9ef3c3b79
Book titleProceedings of the 21st Amsterdam Colloquium
Page range135 - 144
Research GroupDianoia Institute of Philosophy
Place of publicationAmsterdam, Netherlands
EditorsA. Cremers, T. van Gessel and F. Roelofsen
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