I am Louis Vuitton, I am Manolo, I am CoCo

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Bartholomew, Julie. (2006). I am Louis Vuitton, I am Manolo, I am CoCo
CreatorsBartholomew, Julie

This research explores the possibility of creating sculpture that: - Challenges worn-out notions of bodies as biological entities. I encourage new perceptions of bodies as no longer subordinate to identity. Instead the malleable postmodern body is integral to the construction of self and consequently, subjectivity is experienced as an interconnected relationship.
- Acknowledges the importance of body/selves as locus and visual indicator to social and cultural change.
- Represents narratives that are inscribed onto bodies within the context of global consumerism.

Web address (URL)http://www.juliebartholomew.com.au/exhibitions/gold_coast_ceramics/artworks.html
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Research GroupSchool of Arts
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