Psychological and situational influences on commuter transport mode choice

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Klunder, Christy Collins and Chambers, Susan. (2005). Psychological and situational influences on commuter transport mode choice. Environment and Behavior. 37(5), pp. 640 - 661.
AuthorsKlunder, Christy Collins and Chambers, Susan

The relative importance and relationship between psychological and situational factors in predicting commuter-transport-mode choice was tested by four hypotheses. First, the influence of individuals’ values on commuter behavior is mediated by their corresponding beliefs about the environmental threat of cars (mediation hypothesis). Second, the influence of these beliefs on behavior is moderated by individual consideration of future consequences and control beliefs (moderation hypothesis). Third, cost, time, and access factors contribute to individuals’ commuter choice (situational hypothesis). Fourth, situational and psychological factors jointly influence proenvironmental behavior (interaction hypothesis). A sample of 205 Australian university students completed a survey to measure these relationships. Regression analyses indicated support for the mediation, situational, and interaction hypotheses. It was concluded that to achieve a transport-mode shift to public transport, public policy strategies should focus on individuals’ transport-related environmental beliefs (personal control and environmental effect of cars) and situations (access to public transport at reduced cost).

Keywordsproenvironmental behavior; commuter choice; environmental values; environmental beliefs
JournalEnvironment and Behavior
Journal citation37 (5), pp. 640 - 661
PublisherSage Publications Ltd.
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