Towards directing : An editor's journey

PhD Thesis

Woodruff, Alan. (2022). Towards directing : An editor's journey [PhD Thesis]. Australian Catholic University School of Arts
AuthorsWoodruff, Alan
TypePhD Thesis
Qualification nameDoctor of Philosophy

Towards Directing: A film editor’s journey’ represents the exegetical component of this PhD by project. It is written to accompany the short fiction film that forms the practical component and is integral to the work. The text discusses the challenges encountered by a film editor attempting the task of directing a short film. It is concerned with differences between the two roles and how these differences shape the experience of a seasoned editor attempting the journey.

The exegesis is structured into chapters that relate to the process of making the film: Scripting, Preproduction, Production and Postproduction. It begins by investigating the roles of editors and directors and spaces where they intersect. It goes on to examine my journey through each of these production processes. The influences of other filmmakers are discussed, particularly those who began their careers as editors.

The exegesis concludes with a reflection on my journey through the process of directing the short film project, and how my progress was influenced by my editing background. The text ends with a commitment to pursue further directing experiences despite the intense pressure and frequent uncertainty involved.

Keywordseditor; director; short film
PublisherAustralian Catholic University
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