The Gospels and Doctrine

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Young, Frances. (2021). The Gospels and Doctrine. In In Barton, Stephen and Brewer, Todd (Ed.). The Cambridge Companion to the Gospels - Second Edition pp. 261 Cambridge University Press.
AuthorsYoung, Frances
EditorsBarton, Stephen and Brewer, Todd

Frances Young explores the changing relationship in the history of the early church between the gospel texts and the determination of true doctrine. She shows that, even when the four gospels had been accepted as canonical, what shaped doctrine most was the overarching sense of what scripture as a whole was about, epitomized in the ’Rule of Faith’ and the creeds.

Keywordsreception history ; early Christianity; theology; doctrine; rule of faith; hermeneutics ; gospels
Page range261
Year01 Jan 2021
Book titleThe Cambridge Companion to the Gospels - Second Edition
PublisherCambridge University Press
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SeriesCambridge Companions to Religion
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