The roles of Melanesians in the development of the Church in Melanesia 1925-1975


Zaku, Atkin. (2013). The roles of Melanesians in the development of the Church in Melanesia 1925-1975 [Thesis].
AuthorsZaku, Atkin
Qualification nameDoctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The Church of Melanesia has been independent for almost forty years and to date, no detailed examination of the roles of the Melanesians in the development of the church in Melanesia has been available. While most missionaries were aware of the importance of the roles of Melanesians, their writings did not focus on this reality. This research is therefore done to expose what seems to be a ‘silent’ subject. The research is historical, anthropological, sociological, and missiological/theological. It attempts to answer questions pertaining to the subject of this thesis by examining the people of Melanesia and their society in relation to God through their participation in the church. The initial primary goal of the Melanesian mission was the ‘development of the whole humanity’ embedded in the ethos of ‘true religion, sound learning and useful industry.’ The Melanesian undertakings through the Melanesian Brotherhood (MBH), education institutions, healthcare services, Taroniara industrial development and the local village communities were guided by these principles. Three common themes continue to re-emerge in this thesis. ..

PublisherAustralian Catholic University
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Research GroupSchool of Theology
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Publication dates21 Jan 2013
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