Introduction: Great creating Shakespeare

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Edmondson, Paul and Holbrook, Peter 2016. Introduction: Great creating Shakespeare. in: P. Edmondson and P. Holbrook (ed.) Shakespeare's creative legacies: Artists, writers, performers, readers United Kingdom: Bloomsbury. pp. 1 - 7
AuthorsEdmondson, Paul and Holbrook, Peter
EditorsP. Edmondson and P. Holbrook

[Extract] Four hundred years on from the beginning of one of the strongest of all artistic legacies, we – artists, writers, performers and readers – continue to create and re-create Shakespeare. Why? Some explanations are obvious: the sheer unmatched eloquence of the writing; the cultural prestige of the works in many parts of the world; the sticking quality – the memorableness – of Shakespeare’s stories, characters and incidents; the intellectual adventurousness and range of the plays; their refusal of oversimplification. All of these are reasons for Shakespeare’s influence on numberless poets, novelists, dramatists, composers, painters, directors, filmmakers and performers.

Page range1 - 7
Book titleShakespeare's creative legacies: Artists, writers, performers, readers
Place of publicationUnited Kingdom
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Research GroupInstitute for Humanities and Social Sciences
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