Health self-regulation, motivational and volitional aspects of

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Schwarzer, Ralf Karl. (2015) Health self-regulation, motivational and volitional aspects of. In In J. D. Wright (Ed.). International encyclopedia of the social & behavioral sciences pp. 710 - 715 Elsevier.
AuthorsSchwarzer, Ralf Karl
EditorsJ. D. Wright

Health self-regulation refers to the motivational, volitional, and behavioral processes of abandoning health-compromising behaviors in favor of adopting and maintaining health-enhancing behaviors. The article addresses self-regulatory constructs and self-control models that examine how people resist temptations, persist at tasks, cope with adverse emotions, make choices, or overcome undesired impulses. A process model is described that suggests a distinction between preintentional motivation processes that lead to a behavioral intention (goal-setting phase), and post-intentional volition processes that lead to actual behavior (goal pursuit phase).

Keywordsaction control; goal pursuit; goal setting; goals; health behavior; intention; motivation; outcome expectancies; planning; self-control; self-efficacy; self-regulation; volition
Page range710 - 715
Book titleInternational encyclopedia of the social & behavioral sciences
Place of publicationUnited States
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Research GroupInstitute for Positive Psychology and Education
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