#BelieveWomen and the ethics of belief

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Bolinger, Renée Jorgensen. (2021). #BelieveWomen and the ethics of belief. In In Schwartzberg, Melissa and Kitcher, Philip (Ed.). Truth and evidence pp. 109-145 New York University Press.
AuthorsBolinger, Renée Jorgensen
EditorsSchwartzberg, Melissa and Kitcher, Philip

[Extract] How should we understand the social project of the “#BelieveWomen” campaign? and what does the presumption of innocence even mean outside legal contexts? Kimberly Ferzan’s chapter in this volume (“#BelieveWomen and the Presumption of Innocence: Clarifying the Questions for Law and Life”) pursues both questions with rigor and clarity, and my contribution will engage closely with hers. Obviously, a slogan can be used to mean many things, and undoubtedly there’s substantial variation in what those who tweet #BelieveWomen actually mean. I’m pursuing a partly reconstructive, rather than purely descriptive project: I seek a charitable interpretation that construes the demand made in the most reasonable and well-grounded way consistent with (many but not all) of the ways the tag is actually used.

Keywordsethics; belief; #believewomen; presumption of innocence
Page range109-145
Book titleTruth and evidence
PublisherNew York University Press
Place of publicationNew York, N.Y.
SeriesNomos ; LXIV
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